Faculty Affairs

‘Unraveling Faculty Burnout’

The author charts her way back from severe faculty burnout in new book. While the work includes individual coping strategies, it’s also a wake-up call to institutions to stop perpetuating a culture of overwork.

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Supercharging the brain

What Educators Should Know About the Latest in Brain Health

This podcast is full of surprising advice that has implications for schools and colleges—and anyone interested in learning. It is based on James Goodwin's latest book "Supercharge Your Brain: How to Maintain a Healthy Brain Throughout Your Life."

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Why Teaching Still Gets No Respect in Doctoral Training

Graduate school has long proved a flashpoint for the resistance to scrutiny of faculty teaching. Is that finally changing?

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Why the Science of Teaching Is Often Ignored

There’s a whole literature on what works. But it’s not making its way into the classroom

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Putting Teaching on the Agenda

Suzanna Klaf and Amanda L. Irvin describe five ways chairs can, and should, help sustain positive changes to teaching and learning that have resulted from the pandemic.

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Don’t Blame the Technology

The study of teaching and learning, including online instructional methods, must be part of every doctoral program, argue Judith Altschuler Cahn, James R. Stellar and Suzanne Brooks.

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Demise of the Baccalaureate Degree

Overpriced, outdated and no longer required by an increasing number of employers, is the baccalaureate in a death spiral? 

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First-Year Students Struggled With Online Learning Last Year

New report finds most first-year students struggled to learn when the pandemic moved classes online -- in part because of limited access to technology and resources.

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Woman teaching

Scaling Innovations in Teaching and Learning

If universities are to attract more students from ever-shrinking applicant pools, innovations in teaching and learning must be scaled up. We studied a number of large universities across the country that introduced pedagogies and technologies that benefit thousands of students.…

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Professor teaching online

How COVID-19 Created Opportunities for Teachers and Students

There's no doubt that the pandemic caused incredible upheaval in higher education — but the positive impacts of that disruption are significant. Here's how the shift to online learning will benefit both faculty and students moving forward.

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