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The Office of Faculty Affairs provides innovative resources and meaningful guidance to help faculty members reach their full potential as teachers, scholars and university leaders.


All faculty members will thrive, across their full range of activities, in order to transform students and the broader society in ways consistent with the university mission.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Recruitment — Provide interdisciplinary, joint appointments, and ensure candidates have a positive experience.
  • Orientation — Facilitate New Faculty Orientation with an emphasis on developing strong connections within each cohort, with UT colleagues and with the broader community.
  • Enrichment — Promote internal development opportunities within the Center for Teaching and Learning, etc.
  • Leadership Development — Create a program that introduces faculty to the many facets of leadership to help prepare UT faculty for campus leadership roles. In addition, develop training opportunities specifically for department chairpersons.
  • Communication and Recognition — Provide opportunities for dialogue and feedback; recognize and celebrate faculty accomplishments.
  • Retirement — Review and revise (as needed) policies and programs related to faculty retirement, and conduct exit interviews to better understand faculty perceptions of the university.

Office of Faculty Affairs Initiatives: 2020-2021

The UT All Faculty and Staff Meeting held on January 8, 2021 and shares six major initiatives that the Office of Faculty Affairs has accomplished and continues to work on.


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Bruce Harris

Associate Provost

Email: Bruce.Harris@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-879-4638
Office: AIP 186

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Tralei Casaus

Support Specialist

Email: Tralei.Casaus@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-879-4508
Office: AIP 185

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Samuel Tobler

Interfolio Faculty Liaison

Email: Samuel.Tobler@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7759

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Camila Gutierrez

p/t Web & Graphic Design Intern

Email: camila.gutierrez@utahtech.edu